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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Three reasons for attrition

“Hi Swati, first of all let me take time to introduce myself. I am V.Gokul working with a group of companies as an internal auditor and I am a CA by profession. I read the article in Business Line and found that really interesting as I could see that it reflected the current trend very beautifully. High attrition is what the industry as whole is facing."

"The trend is due to three principal reasons:

  • The young guns are able to get a job at an early age thanks to BPO, i.e. ITES, and also the IT industry.
  • The young don’t understand the value of money and as a result they turn up ending spendthrift.
  • They lose sight of the long term goal and purely run after the short term benefits."

“That’s my opinion, though I aint a HR person or any psychologist to be accurate enough.”
Gokul Srinivas


  • At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi,I work for India's highest profit making public limited company. My company is facing the problem of attrition. The details are worth researching and reflecting.

    Company offers the best pay and health package to all employees. They are being trained in the critical field of oil and gas exploration and production. Inspite of that the trained manpower is leaving and joining the competitors. Reasons citied: Professional Growth.

    Their age group Mid 40s Plus experience: more than two decades.

    Issue:If the forces' personnel leave and join the enemy country, can we call it professionalism.

    People who leave are forgetting that they are groomed at the cost of company funded by the public money.

    What happened to National Spirit. No Political Party nor the Media talks about this issue.

    It is country which is loss and the trusted tax payer.


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