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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sense of belongingness is absent

“First, I need to give you a thumbs-up for the effort to bring such topics to the print media. I am fully in consonance with the problem of the companies being increasingly incapable of retaining young talent.”

“To my understanding, given the fast structural changes taking in the Indian economy, management of many companies have become very short-term goal oriented. This often leads to the problem that management commits something to the candidate just for the sake that the candidate joins the firm. But later on as the candidate discovers the actuals to be a lot different, foundations of quitting early are laid there itself.”

“Consider the way HR departments work these days. Just as marketing team is always hard pressed to meet crazy sales/ clients target, HR is asked to recruit certain number of new candidates every month/ week. In marketing, we have seen how consumer interest is eroded by the marketing people in order to meet their targets.”

“Similarly, hard-pressed by the top management to recruit fresh talent, the HR guy over-promises/ hides from the new recruitee certain facts, that he would discover only once he joins. This discrepancy is nothing but the foundation stone of quitting for any person.”

“There is absolutely no sense of belongingness to a particular firm/organisation. Remember that marketing and HR, both target the ‘sensitive human element’.”

From: Secret Kumar (name changed)


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