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Monday, June 19, 2006

Handling harassers on the train!

Should travel be a harassingly fearsome ordeal for women?
Around midnight, when the whole coach was asleep, I could hear some noise from the berths below. A few men were harassing a young woman who was apparently travelling alone. There were liquor bottles around, and one of the men was even offering the drink to the frightened lady. "Come on! Take a sip... and dance!" he was saying menacingly.


Monday, June 12, 2006

Far away from football

How nice if the Indian team had made it to the World Cup
Wherever I turned, I could notice that the event had transformed Germany into a massive football ground, with the country's economy getting a terrific kick in the bargain. Almost every inch of space was turning in money for the country, what with ardent football fans pouring in.


Lure of China

Is it increasingly necessary for Indians to know Chinese and the Chinese?
A few days ago, a Chinese delegation visited our company, to explore the possibility of a collaboration.
The leader of the team, Wong, was a finance grad from Stanford. When the rest of the team, comprising scientists, was interacting with my company's R&D staff, I learnt a few things from Wong about his approach to financial problems. For instance, he built an Excel worksheet for me to apply CAPM or capital asset pricing model.