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Monday, December 31, 2007

Culture couture: What’s wrong in partying?

Another year will pass away into oblivion tonight. Three hundred sixty five days of experiences. New moments will precede older ones. Some will give in. Others will fade. People reflect on what they have done while others chalk out New Year’s resolutions. But why is Mr Sharma arguing with her daughter?

“This is the last time, I am saying this. No party on New Year’s Eve,” screamed the 48-year-old housewife. Pointing out that partying was never our culture and an unnecessary evil that was trying to carve out its own niche in our Indian system, the mother thought finally she had won the battle of words. Unlike men, women fight it out on the basis of their arsenal of words. Mostly.



  • At 10:38 PM, Blogger Swati CA said…


    Almost, all of us embrace and overact to all the Economical and Technological changes that happen around us, but fail miserably to the changes that happen in Cultural front.

    We Accept and sign the “terms and conditions” part (even without a fair understanding the bold prints) to most of the legal papers, right from a cell phone request to a housing loan document. Definitely we don’t know the in and out of such documents.

    Why to go to the other extreme when we look at Gen-Y? Mostly they are around us all through our lifetime.

    * It is fact that we pretend to tolerate their activity every day; the only missing link is “Acceptance”.
    * Three things that an individual cannot change are “Taxes”, “Death” and the very “CHANGE” that are happening around.
    * “Accept and Enjoy” at least from this the year end, and let such topic not come in 2008.

    Krishnamoorthy.S, Mangalore

  • At 10:39 PM, Blogger Swati CA said…


    Hi Swati,

    Read your column on " Culture couture: What's wrong in partying?" and was impressed.

    I completely agree with you that so called "Culture" should not be a reason for not partying on new year's and for that matter on any other days. In fact I had a recent posting on my blog regarding a similar topic.

    However, letting the youngsters to party is not devoid of risks. Invariably drinks will creep in. And with lesser maturity as youngsters, things can easily go out of hand. However barring such enjoyment is out of question.

    What needs to be done is to have more control over what happens at the parties. And allowing parties at home are the best way to know what happens at the parties. There should be more mature reactions from the elders in case things are going out of hand. Youngsters should be explained why something is inappropriate.

    And as usual these are easier said than done. With globalization, change in attitude of elders is necessary. Things are not as easy as it was for previous generation.

    Rahul Vaidya

  • At 10:40 PM, Blogger Swati CA said…


    Dear Swati,

    We are slowly moving towards westernization. It clearly reflects the way we dress, the way we behave, the way we celebrate. Just a decade back there were no celebrtions as we do today during new year.

    There is no harm in emulating cultures from other countries, regions so long as it does not harm our own culture. Semi-clad women along with their boy friends, who are under the influence of liquor, dancing to the third rate bolly wood songs in any way not in tune with our rich culture.

    It is duty of the parents to inculcate the culture consciousness to their children.

    V Ramaswamy, Noida

  • At 10:41 PM, Blogger Swati CA said…


    The generation gap is felt more acutely, than in the past. The elders to day have been more accommodative and have changed with time. Change is a way of life.

    Unfortunately, it is the mix of cultures, which is the villain of peace. Our youngsters are getting alienated with our hoary traditions and culture. The aping of western culture and habits is at the bottom of the clashes of thoughts and at some places leading to violence also, in the name of moral policing.

    Nothing is wrong is implementing your thoughts.


  • At 10:44 PM, Blogger Swati CA said…


    Hosting a party at their own place may appear safe. But it is the root cause for all evils. It amounts to providing a platform free mingling and gradually leads to venture for girl"s night out.

    It is not as simple as cakes replacing with egg less ones/incense sticks replacing with room freshener etc. It is a matter of ones life. No sensible parent will allow this.

    It amounts to keeping the agal vilakku near cotton. The whole matter should be viewed from parents angle parents are interested in preserving our culture and tradition. Spoiling the atmosphere is easy. Anybody can do it. Only preservation is difficult. Our people settled in foreign countries are valuing our culture and tradition. People here are mad after western culture. Now i think of great intellectuals like RAMANUJAM [mathematics] Dr C .V RAMAN [physics] Dr S.RADHAKRISHNAN [philosophy].

    They have preserved values even when they have happened to live abroad. It is high time to include in the school syllabus EASTERN RELIGONS AND WESTERN THOUGHTS written by DR. S.RADHAKRISHNAN.


    Ramalingam Ayyappa


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