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Monday, February 12, 2007

Development vs displacement: What if....

From : Surendran Valoth

Dear Swati,

I read your story appearing on Business line Monday issues. I cannot agree with many of your views expressed.

For example you talked to one illiterate villager in singur who said he know other job so other than cultivation.? You men to say that for the sake of one farmer you have to abandoned such a massive project. So atas should go to some desert where there are no human inhabitnts . so that there wont be any problems for the govt to acquire land , look after rehabilation of displaced people.!

Luckikly during the time of British raj they built wast railway net work. Otherwise if you have to take up such a massive project, there may be opposition from left, and people like Medha Patker and like you on the following valid points.

1)Railwy line will spoil the serenetay of the thousands of villages, displace many familys living on the land acquired by railways. It will creat envirment pollitution and sound pollutions. ( all for valid reason for Medha Patkar to go on indifinate fast?

2) Left s Concern.: Such a mode of transportation will creat job losses for truck drivers, river transportation workers who ferry goods of course cheaper rate. People engaged in transportion of people by bullock cart, country boat, and other bus transport workers .

Of course valid reasons. Bill will remain in the Parliament house for years for want of approval. People like you will discuss the matter through valuble pages of dailies

Dear swati, can you imagine a India with out a Railway net work now?


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