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Monday, February 12, 2007

Maximise the usage of individual skills

For all those who drop out of the job race and have been left stranded in the path of career, it would be wise if they look at harnessing the unique individual skill that they have. Maximizing the usage of individual skills, like, from the example of carrom-board game, where the youth can form together a small group and start providing basic training to the neighbourhood community on the game's nuances.

This idea is not to demean their educational qualification but to develop a good network of believers and well-wishers, using which they can always land up in a lucrative job. There can also be instance where the youths will realise where their real potential is and start working towards that goal rather than getting lost in the crowds of empty partying and mindless enjoyments. Coming together as a group also addresses the issue on lack of diversity in the knowledge skill set that every individual possesses.

Sriram Kannan


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