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Monday, February 12, 2007

Knowledge economy spilling over to public places...

Knowledge should never be kept stagnant. It should always be transferred. Everything that we communicate is actually a kind of knowledge transfer, as during debates, for example. So, knowledge transfer sessions will lead to growth in the knowledge economy, and this has no boundaries of age, language, sex, caste or race. Let’s make sure that there is a continual high growth in our knowledge sector.

Devisetty Manojna

Informal and impromptu meetings will grow over time. Organising meetings with a fixed agenda and venue are proving costly. In today’s networked world, getting across to many other persons is not an issue at all. However, emails, SMS, and video-conferencing cannot replace the impact of one-on-one meetings and get-togethers. An informal ambience adds to the comfort level. Let the number of such meetings increase.


I do agree with you that the signs of the knowledge industry should be more evident in our day-to-day life.
It has already taken rapid strides, as in travel booking and communications. But one thing we fail to acknowledge is the continuing poor state of our farming sector and the manufacturing sector, where we are unable to achieve any breakthrough. Only these sectors can generate employment and help end poverty. Therefore, more efforts from the IT sector should go into development of these areas.


When we discuss any issue in public we get to know various views and we will be able to come out with the most astonishing solution to even intractable problems.

C. Maruthi Kumari


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