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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

3Rs of retaining the Young Turks

“Dear Mam, this is my very first attempt to express my views in regard to the articles which you write. Now to start with, this is in relation to the article by you dated March 20: ‘Are companies becoming incapable of retaining young talent?’”

“The answer to this question maybe an affirmative one if we look at the current scenario. As your article was already backed up with data which stated that 70 per cent of attrition takes place within the first year of the job, that in itself is a reason for companies to get on their feet and start doing something.”

“I am myself doing MBA and as time for my summer training is approaching, the fear which haunts me is if I would actually be given work in the company.”

“Now I feel if I as a summer trainee am worried about my state in the organisation for two months, I am sure it is a great cause for worry for the young professionals out there.”

“In my viewpoint, it is very important for companies to make their employees feel ‘wanted’ in their organisation. Considering the number of options available to these young pool of talent today, it becomes inevitable for the companies to try and retain them or else in the end they would end up questioning their own evaluation system.”

“The company or the boss needs to start partnership with the employee in his/her development and growth. Retention basically depends on both the individual’s competence and criticality for the organisation. Promotions and pay-hikes are another way to retain the young talent.”

“I would sum up this whole issue of retention of the YOUNG TURKS in 3R’s:

“Retention might not be that easy a job, but it is certainly possible if a company adopts the right approach.”

Jasmine Juneja
Student of Bharati Vidhyapeeth Institute of Management and Research, New Delhi.


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