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Monday, February 12, 2007

Ideas for the unemployed youth

How to tap the skill of these unemployed youth:

Actually service sector is growing. The needs of services is growing in geometric progression. Youth should make use of this.

Now-a-days nobody is having time to attend so many domestic chores, especially number of working people. Number of working ladies is increasing, so also the need of services (domestic help).

Youth can form Self Help unemployed association and they can provide these services to people - 1. Working ladies 2. Old people 3. Needs of house wives. Select the locality and assess the need of those.

Ø Have food processor and supply cut vegetables, fruits, fresh fruit juices, salad of raw vegetables, specially cleaned onions, greens, banana flower, banana stem etc.

Ø Have plumber, electrician to attend small jobs in their locality.

Ø Have one auto, van to satisfy the need of transport facilities of those families.

Ø Have vacuum cleaner – do the cleaning of the house including furniture, doors, window panes, etc.

Ø Having one stitching machine – repairing of clothes, dresses, etc.

Ø Door delivery of cut vegetables, vegetables, fruits, fresh fruit juices, medicines. Pressed chapattis for ready to cook.

Ø Giving help in preparing snacks. However many hotels come up, people like to prepare at home provided some help comes.

Ø Have grinder - supply batter for idli, dosa or grind dal, rice when they want.

Actually all these help is available from different sources.

But if we get the needed help under one umbrella, it reduces to constant different people. It will be helpful for the working ladies, old people, alike.

Now a days, so many youth are going to foreign countries. Parents are staying back. If they get the help from one organization, they can lead their life happily, hassle free and also they become intimate with the organization. And also through association, unemployed youth get work and can earn money. Intimacy develops.

But one thing: Association should stand upto the mark in the areas of gentleness, fairness, homeliness, neatness.

Taking care of the school children after their school time till their mothers come back

They can do so many other services, which will follow the main services.


C Maruthi Kumari
C 34/9, Mohan Nagar
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