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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Personal security for working women

Response to: Is it becoming increasingly necessary for women, not only to be financially independent but also be armed with self-defence skills?

“When we read media stories about women executives who are raped and killed as they take the innocent ride home in the ‘office’ cab, personal security for working women takes on greater importance.”

“Stringent workplace practices and specific policies tailored to women’s needs can ensure greater levels of security and comfort. Corporates can identify the safest routes for transport; perform background checks for all drivers and contractors; get the cooperation of local police; and train security staff to ensure greater protection for women.”

“HR can work to provide flexible schedules, offer helplines and specialised assistance to women employees, so that women do not end up compromising their quality of work.”

“The truth is that ultimately women need to be personally responsible by increasing awareness, making smart decisions and exercising caution.”

“Self-defence classes can be a great idea for building confidence and may be a necessity in cities like Delhi with higher crime rates.”

Radhika Nair, Manager- Documentation Services, Rapidigm (India) Ltd, Pune.


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