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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

There are bosses who do not even look at anyone’s face and simply walk off!

“Most people feel that the attrition rate of youngsters is more because they are not satisfied with the present pay they are getting. I wouldn’t support that argument because most youngsters get good pay package and they wonder how to spend that much money.”

“I do support the view that all people command respect and youngsters are no different. Employees should be treated with respect by their bosses, in the form of encouragement to give comments/ suggestions regarding various things.”

“Give them a smile when moving around the office; lend a good ear to their problems and try to help them in solving it.”

“Attitude of seniors towards juniors may be a problem in software field, but I don’t think such problems occur in the BPO sector. In software field there will be people with professional qualifications and non-professional qualifications. So seniors with professional qualifications may not fully cooperate with juniors who don’t have such a qualification.”

“Smile is a thing which works everywhere. There are bosses who do not even look at anyone’s face and simply walk off. Sometimes those bosses might be shy to look at people’s faces or else may think that it’s not necessary to look at subordinates’ faces when moving around. This really irritates the subordinates, because they feel that their boss ignores them and does not respect them.”

“Bosses should make the employees feel that they are important to the company. A smile/gentle talk (like how are you, where you are going for lunch etc etc) passed by a boss to his subordinates really sends across a message of care and affection, which the subordinates crave for. These things make an employee think he is respected by the company.”

Anil K Nair
Senior CSA in a multinational BPO firm, Thiruvananthapuram.


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