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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Soccer vs Cricket

"Believing that soccer cannot be popular because cricket is the nation's passion can never get soccer the status that cricket has achieved today. With just one world cup in so many years and highly periodic performances, there is hardly any reason for it to be so popular."

"But good selling and marketing along with understanding of the needs of audience can make a sport popular and financially rewarding be it - a team or an individual sport."

"Lance Armstrong could achieve success in USA, where baseball and football dominate, and Schumacher could achieve it in Germany where soccer is popular."

"In India, Bhaichung Bhutia could achieve some success, Anand also created some rage in 90s and now Tennis is also catching our attention. "

"If one chooses sports as a profession then he/ she should assume the risks involved. Lack of facilities is today a problem, it will be maintainence tomorrow, which will be followed by the ability to pay for the facilities."

"It is within you to change and make the difference, and reap the benefits for yourself - like a true entrepreneur, rather than wait for the things to change for you."



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