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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

From a Black Belt in Karate

“Is it becoming increasingly necessary for women, not only to be financially independent but also be armed with self-defence skills?” (Financial independence and a dose of self-defence – Business Line March 13, 2006)

“Yes, it certainly is. Both financial independence and knowledge of self-defence skills enhance confidence in a woman.”

“With women increasingly participating in all walks of life, the need to protect themselves from any untoward incident has become all the more essential. Knowing self-defence techniques builds inner strength and brings steadiness to the mind when under stress, which comes of great help in a work environment.”

“It is a great motivator for achieving goals and does wonders in both personal and professional life. Financial independence and self-protection skills go hand in hand and are strong enablers for success.”

Savitha RP, HR Department, iGATE Global Solutions
Black Belt in Karate and a National Champion


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