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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Two reasons why senior employees don't cooperate

“Dear Ms Swati, there is a lot of truth in the words of your canteen-mates. The problem is universal. Leaving one company to join other company may become like jumping from oven to fire for these youngsters.”

“The non-cooperation from senior employees towards new ‘young’ employees may be for following two factors:

  • Today, corporate world likes to rely more on young blood who are ready with high education and soft skills. So they are prioritised. Older the employees, feel of obsolescence will increase, which they just can’t bear.
  • Either with the entry or after a short span of the entry of young talents will get better positions than old employees or positions, which older employees could get only after, say 4-5-6 years of experience. How to tolerate?
"Effect of these two factors will be on youngsters, who are just opening their eyes in the corporate world."

"Now, senior employees need to understand that unless they keep acquiring better skills and show more and more involvement in the corporate business, no one can protect them from getting obsolete, irrespective of their past glory."

"At the same time, management needs to create step by step induction and provide basic training to the freshers, so that they can get mixed with the current group of employees rather than demanding performance from day 1 from them."

Dattatri H M
Law & Taxation - AT & S India
Nanjangud, India 571 301


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