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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Workout at the stadium...

Workout at the stadium... (Business Line, April 3, 2006)
On a morning that I woke up early, I decided to go to the neighbourhood stadium. So, there I was, huffing and puffing, after a jog. `Lack of practice,' I consoled myself, and loitered around to watch what others were doing. A college girl was practising high jump. When she cleared what seemed to be an impossible height, I clapped and shouted, "Well-done!"

During a brief break she took from practice, we got talking. "Hi, I'm Malar," she said. "Good jump," I complimented. "I'm Swati." She was practising for national championship, I learnt. "Are you looking for sponsors?" I asked her, hoping I could convince my boss to chip in some funds. She looked at me and said, "Thanks for asking. But my self-respect comes in the way. After having seen how athletics get a step-motherly treatment here... " I was shocked, "Why do you say so?"
Malar laughed wryly and said, "Top three games in India are cricket, cricket and cricket. To go with it, it will be some Bollywood actress. Not an athlete, even if he or she won gold medals at international events." Without expecting any reply from me, Malar resumed her practice. After some time, as I was lumbering back home, I wondered if competitive athletics demands a thoroughly professional approach that our governments are merely incapable of! Send in your thoughts by Friday to:


  • At 11:00 AM, Anonymous Thoughtpaisa said…


    Cricket does get more prominence than necassary. The government jobs that some sportspersons are granted ( as support) work as negative motivation rather than encouragement. Sponsorship/Assistance based on performance is key.


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