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Monday, May 08, 2006

Legal process outsourcing

Perfect marriage between professional skills and IT
"Will you be able to argue cases in courts abroad, working from here?" I asked Jambu, and he didn't rule out such a possibility. Looking at my enthusiasm in knowing more about LPO, he said, ruefully, "How I wish I could employ you in my company! Pity you don't have a law qualification." I was not giving up, though. "Perhaps, I'll join a course with NALSAR... say, in ADR!"


  • At 2:14 PM, Anonymous S.Gnana Haran said…

    Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO)today is taking many avatars.To come up with a new line of outsourcing oppourtunity one has to look at areas where there is considrable cost arbitrage between America/Europe and India.Success lies in identifying such areas and developing the busines beyond the arbitrage factor.So LPO is not going to be the last thing.
    But while reading your article,the L there conveyed another oppourtunity in outsourcing at the local level.I am facinated by this oppourtunity for long.But I dont really know whether already something is happening in this area.
    I am referring to oppourtunities in outsourcing Accounting Work at the local level.Chartered Accountants (CAs) could pursue this oppourtunity by creating flexible organization structures wherein Commerce graduates particularly women could do such work from home with computer and internet connectivity.With VAT round the corner (in TN)even small firms need to keep accounts and many of them need not have full time accountants.But the major barrier here would be resistance from the small business people who want to maintain secracy and look for people whom they depend on.
    Lastly,Pria from Phoenix has raised right issues not just for deliberation but also for finding ways to make that happen.
    S.Gnana Haran.

  • At 6:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    In my earlier comment I wrote about some right issues raised by Priya from Phoenix but I did not elaborate.They are simple but relevant.More importantly,they can be translated into reality.Even mor importantly that can be done by few people like us.
    Basically Priya talked about two issues.They are:instead of opinion polls we must be doing some kind of Variance Analysis just to find out how much of the promises of the political parties are converted ino performance and must talk to people to find out their problems and difficulties.That is the voice of the people should be heard by the Government.Like the companies which keep a close tab on their customers Government shoud keep a watch on their problems and aspirations so that they can be fulfilled.
    As far as the former is concerned the time has not come as yet to evaluate the performance of the Governments in power in term of their election promises.With regard to the latter it is the right time to embark on.These kinds of tasks can eminently be done by Media and more particularly by Think Tanks.Quite unfortunately in our country we dont have many of that kind.Academic institutions can discharge this responsibility.But not many are ready as yet.In the Opinion Survey area we have one institute doing this-i.e.Loyala College at Chennai.
    The second kind of feedback from Priya talks about the efficacy of promising freebies.But as you see a story in today's Business Line,Rice has been playing a decisive role in Asembly Elections-right from 1967.All of us know that this is not the right way.We also know how this can be designed as a sustainable solution to the society.It should bcome part of a Social Security Policy.Economics and management inputs should be factored in.
    Now,can we go beyond writing about this? Can we create a virtual Think Tank with like minded and commited professional committed to the cause work through this Virtual Model and come out with an actionable input for policy making?A Virtual Think Tank producing an Approach Paper for the Policy Makers on Self-Sponored basis?
    The whole idea is to provoke few like mindedcomitted people toge hooked on this Idea.Any Takers?
    S.Gnna Haran.

  • At 1:15 PM, Blogger Rahul said…


    I run a blog on LPO at http://legallyours.blogspot.com

    Hope you find the posts there useful and relevant.


  • At 7:56 PM, Anonymous Patrick Cade said…


    How live is your blog? Are you still active? It's such an exciting time for LPO. http://www.hemscott.com/news/latest-news/item.do?newsId=53878217339954 - all sorts of people stepping up the plate. Hope you keep the blog going.

    Take care



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