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Monday, May 15, 2006

Technology to minimise the cost of recruitment, both to the employers and the candidates

Don't we have enough technology to minimise the cost of recruitment?
When I paused for breath, Gupta interrupted, "So, what's your suggestion? Don't recruit anybody?" Everybody laughed, and I took that humour in my stride. "You may laugh again if I were to tell you that we can tap the talent in villages."
Strangely, there was total silence for a few moments, possibly because none in the room expected something as audacious as ruralising recruitment.



  • At 12:08 PM, Blogger Virtuous Enterprise said…

    Though I have been a regular reader of BL from day one,it took quite some time for me to read your coulmn despite of my wanting to do.From the time I started reading,number of times I was tempted to give my comments.Again it took quite some time to do that.Now it seems quite like having a running transaction with this column.This may be the case with number of other readers as well.Studying this process could shed a lot of insights about how typically serious readers would develop an affinity towards a particular column or columnist.
    Coming to this week's theme,I am just wondering the enormous pay off the country would enjoy if the selection or election to be precise,of our political leaders are disintermediated.In our country one of the areas where we have far to many intermediaries is the election process.Is it possible to cut down the innecessary intermediate players involved in the electioneering process.Apart from bringing down the transaction cost involved,it will promote transparency and whole lot of benefits.Technology could well come to our rescue in this area aswell.
    S.Gnana Haran.


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