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Monday, February 12, 2007

Reduce corruption to generate employment

It is a fact that the normal Indian youth if not utilising his time usefully, in whatever way, tends to fritter away. That idleness leads to various outcomes, which are not for the long term good of the individuals and the society. One of the reasons is abject poverty of the majority. Despite long period of socialism and welfare policies, the ultimate beneficiaries have not derived any tangible improvement. That is because of the massive corruption in the planning and execution of the welfare policies. As such, the most important thing to aim and strive for, is to reduce the corruption levels, if not complete elimination. Further, the NGOs and other voluntary agencies also can join and spend their energies towards this end. What is needed is education and some vocational/other course, followed up by employment generation. The aim should be not to give rice and dal, utensils, TV sets etc but to make them stand on their own legs and earn a well deserved living.



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